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Ti presentiamo l’anteprima di template professionali già pronti all’uso, a disposizione nell’applicazione SqualoMail! Nel Drag & Drop editor potrai semplicemente modificare il contenuto, i colori, le immagini, la disposizione degli elementi e utilizzarli in più newsletter. Tutti i template si adattano a dispositivi mobili!

I template dono suddivisi in 5 categorie, a seconda della disposizione e del contenuto che desiderate comunicare ai vostri destinatari:

Novità | E-commerce | Avvisi | Eventi | Consensi GDPR

Ogni settimana pubblichiamo un nuovo template, che lo puoi trovare nella tua applicazione SqualoMail. Clicca qui per l’iscrizione e adocchia l’intero template.

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Nuovo Template


Work for you

Template per le Novità


More to enjoy


Cook News


Succeed In Life



Not Enough

Planet Journey


Friendly Business

Kings Blue

Purple Rain


Beds And Books

Be Eco

No boundaries


Learn to fly

From the sky

Radio magic


Mail at first sight

Cool Company

Violet Velvet



Yellow customer



Ride with me

Blue Sky

Marvelous Green Button


Colorful and fresh


Simple and Responsive


Tempo Travel

Classic Template

Grey rainbow


Easy List


3 Ways to go


Template per l’E-commerce


Pizza Pizza

Coffee Life

Pro Colour


Get Inspired

Chili Peppers



Go home

The minimalist shopper

High five


No worries web store

Book more than a secret

Coffee Shop


Wooshi Sushi

Candy Shop

Come and see


Sweet pink designer

Seaside Resort

Book Store Cube


New mail is coming

High of the ground

Minty Minions


Camp Set Go

Weekly eats

Music & You



Ultimate Fashion Store

Nexit clothes


Boxes and Pillows

Green Sushi Roll

Price Drop List


Template per gli Avvisi


Vivamus Travel


Techy Vibes

Stay Cool

My Caffe



Premium notification

Fresh start


Who built the snowman

Safety first

Mystery sale


Chicago vibe

Blue mail

Bearly Bear


Sweet Banana

Short and Clean template

Keep it classy


Invitation card

Deep Blue

Hi Welcome


Yellow Key

Turqoise and White

Green Smiley


Template per gli Eventi


Love Is In The Air

Autumn Colors

Sweet Easter


Colorful Easter

Green Easter

Super holiday offer


Santa’s Letter

Wishes and greetings

Its Christmas time!


Starry night

Black and White

Happy holidays


Creamy Letter

Travel Blogger

Black Dot


Consensi GDPR


Confirmation Email 1

Confirmation Email 2

Confirmation Email 3


Confirmation Email 4

Confirmation Email 5

Confirmation Email 6


Confirmation Email 7

Confirmation Email 8

Confirmation Email 9